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Laundry Detergent Strips, 32 loads

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Laundry detergent strips are an easy way to ditch the plastic, making it a zero waste, liquid laundry or pod detergent alternative . Its ultra concentrated formula is premeasured and dehydrated, which eliminates spillage and bursting or leaking pods. 

  • Comes in Fresh Linen Scent 
  • Vegan friendly, gentle on sensitive skin: paraben free, phosphate free, no harsh dyes or chemicals, made without palm oil or palm oil derivatives
  • Works in high efficiency (HE) washers, traditional machines, top load and front load
  • Lightweight product and packaging cause 94% less pollution from transportation 
  • Plastic free, compostable packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So convenient!

I love these laundry strips WAY more than any liquid or pod detergent I’ve used. No fussing with sticky goop and measuring it out by the load. No more plastic pods that are bad for the environment and only partially disperse, leaving your clothes sticky and not fully washed. To my surprise, these detergent strips have gotten out some really pungent workout clothes to actually smell clean! Will buy again and again.

Merritt Gardner
Great product!

Highly recommend this product! Typically, traditional pods leave my skin irritated from all the harsh chemicals, these have been a great swap! No more itchy skin & delicate scent that is not overbearing.

Andrea Gonzalez
Smells really good!

It works well and I find if I tear it up into small pieces and put it in my HE's soap dispenser with hot water, it works even better. It leaves my clothes smelling fresh and works well to get out simple stains and dirt.

Highly recommend!

I love these detergent sheets!!! My laundry smells so fresh and clean! I like that they are eco friendly, and they save a lot of space in my laundry room. Most of all, they rinse nicely and don't leave any residue. Highly recommend!